Smashing Magazine’s co-founder, Vitaly Friedman is coming to Split in July. He will host a standard talk on Thursday during the new edition of Tinel Meetup, followed with a hands-on workshop on Saturday.

Vitaly Friedman is one of the most iconic speakers in the tech world who is know for presenting inspiring talks and hosting top-end workshops at conference all around the globe. He launched Smashing Magazine after more than five years in freelancing, where he managed to turn his hobby into a full-time employment. He often says that it doesn’t even sound like work. It’s his passion and what he’s supposed to do.


Workshop concept


Before we even start talking about the event concept, we decided to add a little bit of a twist! Since Vitaly is quite a respectable name in the community, surely there are a lot of potential attendees that would like to hear different topics. That’s why we would like to give you the option to choose! We’ve got four different workshop topics on the right hand-side and the topic with the most votes will be featured at the third Tinel Workshop!

Vote until: 20.6.2018

In this workshop, Vitaly will be looking into a strategy for crafting fast, resilient and flexible responsive design systems by utilizing all of those wonderful shiny web technologies we have available today. We'll also talk about dealing with legacy browsers and will cover a few dirty little techniques that might ensure that your responsive websites will stay relevant, flexible and accessible in the years to come.

This workshop will cover Component-based workflow and tooling, Architecting and building pattern libraries and design systems, Designing with Logic Fold using Custom Properties, Layout techniques (Flexbox and CSS Grid) Variable Fonts, and how to get started with them, image optimization techniques, Web font loading strategy and options, Deferring and lazy-loading JavaScript, and more.

The workshop is intended for intermediate/advanced designers and developers who have an understanding of responsive design and how it works. Vitaly will cover practical techniques, clever tricks and useful strategies you need to be aware of when working on responsive interface design today. From responsive modules to clever navigation patterns and web form design techniques; the workshop will provide you with everything you need to know today to start designing better responsive experiences tomorrow.

This workshop will cover Effective tools and techniques that can support and enhance your personal workflow on responsive projects, Clever practical techniques for improving UX of responsive sites including navigation, search, better mobile UX, faster data input and higher conversion rates,. Design patterns and innovative approaches to designing ‘responsive modules’ such as mega-drop downs, tables, calendars, multi-level menus, maps, carousels and web forms, and much more

Are you ready for a design challenge? In this brand new workshop, Vitaly will be taking a microscopic examination of common interface components and problems appearing in responsive user interfaces. In this workshop, we’ll be spending an entire day drawing and designing responsive interfaces, starting from accordions, to date/time pickers, sliders, feature comparisons, car configurators all the way to insurance calculators and trip planners.

This workshop will cover Responsive art direction techniques and advanced layouts, with many inspiring and memorable examples, Navigation, with mega-drop-downs, breadcrumbs, carousels, accordion and filters, Builders, with a car configurator and mobile plan builder, Forms, with email verification, password input, country selector, privacy issues, sliders and public transportation, and a banking transaction UI, Date pickers, date range picker and a time picker, incl. booking an appointment and booking an airline ticket, and more.

An average abandonment rate in eCommerce is around 65–68%. Often it’s caused by ambiguous buttons, labels or copywriting as well as severe problems related to finding or understanding products as well as slow and painful checkout experience. We can’t bring the abandonment rate to 0, but we can shave off at least 10% with some minor and straightforward optimizations.

This workshop will cover Psychology of eCommerce, Category Product List + Filtering, Product Page + Shopping Cart page, Checkout experience, Optimizing For Mobile, Decreasing Abandonment Rates, and more.


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    Vitaly Friedman

    Vitaly is a writer, speaker and an author at Smashing Magazine. He loves beautiful content and does not give up easily. He also runs responsive Web design workshops, webinars and loves solving complex performance problems in enterprise companies.

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Vitaly Friedman’s workshop will take place at the Locastic digital agency in Split, Croatia. All attendees have to bring their own laptop to the session.

Coffee, breakfast and lunch are included in the workshop price.

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