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Smashing Magazine’s co-founder, Vitaly Friedman is coming to Split in July. He will host a standard talk on Thursday during the new edition of Tinel Meetup, followed with a hands-on workshop on Saturday.

Vitaly Friedman is one of the most iconic speakers in the tech world who is know for presenting inspiring talks and hosting top-end workshops at conference all around the globe. He launched Smashing Magazine after more than five years in freelancing, where he managed to turn his hobby into a full-time employment. He often says that it doesn’t even sound like work. It’s his passion and what he’s supposed to do.


Responsive Interface Design Workshop


Are you ready for a design challenge? In this brand new workshop, Vitaly Friedman, co-founder of Smashing Magazine, will be taking a microscopic examination of common interface components and problems appearing in responsive user interfaces. In this workshop, we’ll be spending an entire day drawing and designing responsive interfaces, starting from accordions, to date/time pickers, sliders, feature comparisons, car configurators all the way to insurance calculators and trip planners.

In this workshop, we’ll go hands-on into exploring:

  • Responsive art direction techniques and advanced layouts, with many inspiring and memorable examples
  • Navigation, with mega-drop-downs, breadcrumbs, carousels, accordion and filters
  • Builders, with a car configurator and mobile plan builder
  • Forms, with email verification, password input, country selector, privacy issues, sliders and public transportation, and a banking transaction UI
  • Date pickers, date range picker and a time picker, incl. booking an appointment and booking an airline ticket
  • Tables, with a feature comparison table, currency exchange calculator, pricing plans
  • Search, with autocomplete, filters, search results
  • Calendars, with a multi-track schedule, TV Guide schedule, music festival schedule, exhibition calendar, spreadsheets and dashboard
  • Audio/Video, with a video player UI and audio-based input
  • Maps / Data Visualization, with a shopping mall map, election map, smart region input
  • Timelines, with a historical timelines, soccer game signature and live leaderboard and standings
  • Real-time experience with betting UI for soccer, poker and live video streaming
  • Footnotes and sidenotes in magazine articles
  • Seat selection, for a concert/theatre/exhibition and a perfect airplane check-in
  • Responsive PDF for documents and restaurant menus
  • Responsive upscaling, with eCommerce experience on large screens and article layout on large screens
  • Design anti-patterns to avoid to prevent running into maintenance issues and “slow UX decay”

You'll need to bring a lot of creativity with your preferred coffee mug. We’ll be spending a lot of time drawing, sketching, designing and thinking. Laptop is preferred but not absolutely necessary. You’ll need a lot of sleep reserves since it’s going to be a packed day. Bring a lot of attention to detail and non-standard thinking to this one!


  • ljepotani

    Vitaly Friedman

    Vitaly is a writer, speaker and an author at Smashing Magazine. He loves beautiful content and does not give up easily. He also runs responsive Web design workshops, webinars and loves solving complex performance problems in enterprise companies.

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Vitaly Friedman’s workshop will take place at the Locastic digital agency in Split, Croatia. All attendees have to bring their own laptop to the session.

Coffee, breakfast and lunch are included in the workshop price.

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